Best results for September:

  • 45 000 – users added to groups
  • 71% – average retention level
  • 7 – customers

Smart Messaging

Best results for September:

  • 321 000 – sent messages
  • 198 709 – opened messages
  • 85 052 – web-site visits
  • 7 324 – subscriptions to Telegram channels and groups
  • 5 359 – subscriptions to White List

Smart PR

Best results for September:

  • 79 – number of chats we worked in
  • 36 498 – sent messages
  • 2 875 – links clickthroughs
  • 35 – written articles
  • 5 167 – article views

Live communication in chats

Best results for September:

  • 4 – projects we worked with
  • 312 – hours of work in chats
  • 4 056 – sent messages

Smart Messaging

Smart Messaging

The audience is parced from target audience chats.
As a result, we collect the base of potential investors.

The base specifics:

Active users in ICO project group chats

Several criteria segmentation

No bots or doubled accounts

Rate calculator

amount of msgs

  • 0
  • 50 K
  • 100 K
  • 150 K
  • 200 K
  • 250 K
  • 300 K
  • 350 K
  • 400 K

Cost per 1 msg:

$ 0.1

Your payment:

$ 0


We create groups in telegram with any audience you need or drive audience to your existing group. We are able to collect people from any group that suits you the best and create your own unique group with real investors for your ICO by inviting them to the group.

You can get up to 75,000 of target audience people who have already invested in ICOs. We are able to collect as much as you need from any group that you provide or from our own bases.

All audience could be collected from most succesful groups of ICO's such as NEO, Civic, Binance, EOS, OmiseGo etc. So it is clear that people from these groups invest a lot and will be great audience for your project. That's the most important point in our campaigns.

For example, we can invite audience from succesful ICO projects or any other group that you need (ico, trading, mining etc):

Number of investorscost

  • 5 000$1,250
  • 10 000$2,250
  • 20 000$4,250
  • 40 000$7,750
  • 75 000$14,000
Smart PR
Smart PR


Its a native ads in Telegram chats with your target audience. Our chat-managers involve into discussions with other chat members and with each other creating your project`s discussion wave.

As a result of such discussions, chat-managers post links with usefull information which have mentions about your project or a direct link. We communicate with real people so we present your project information in the most relevant moments so it does not seem like advertising. They percept it as advices from other chat-members.

This tool can be used also for getting feedback from the audience.

Life communication
in your projects Telegram chat

It is the same instrument as SmartPR but the marketing takes place in your project`s Telegram group. Our chat managers raise waves of discussion in your Telegram group to create agiotage around your project tokens purchase. They place links and share news with the community handling negativity and keep the chat active


  • 4 accounts, changing accounts every 3 days
  • 5 days, with weekends
  • 4 hours per day



  • 6 accounts, changing accounts every 3 days
  • 7 days, with weekends
  • 5 hours per day (4 hours per day on weekends)



  • 6 accounts, changing accounts every 2 days
  • 7 days, with weekends
  • 6 hours per day (5 hours per day on weekends)


About our project

Our team collects data and conducts analytics from open information sources.

Recent researches showed that crowd-investing format of ICO had a great success for start-up projects. The main reasons are the global internet audience growth and accessible tools for investing

Telegram is a rapidly developing messenger. It is very popular but has not reached the peak of popularity yet. In February 2018, monthly audience was 200 million of users and it keeps growing.

Averagily, the audience of messenger is 25-35 years old. Now, Telegram is the main messenger of the blockchain community.

Our analysis showed that this key audience tends to participate in new models of investments into new technologies.


Smart PR in action

First of all, our managers get familiar with admins and ask them question about the chat`s project.