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"Smart newsletter" in Telegram

The most active users of Telegram currently focus on chat rooms and conduct ongoing discussions with their like-minded people on certain topics. Chats that Telegram classifies as supergroups are undoubtedly the driving trend of the messenger, as in the recent update of Telegram the limit on the number of participants in the supergroup has been increased to 100,000 people.
Number of people sending at least one message per chat in one day.
Supergroups, of course, have become an integral part of the life of an erudite paying audience. There are a large number of chats devoted to various topics, combining which - we can find your target audience and promote your project. The total audience coverage in all chat rooms at the moment is more than 20 000 000 people, and we know how to find an approach to them and make you love your project.
We use creative methods of indirect sales and know how to find the most conversion traffic for you. Each your post in chat rooms we turn into an informational occasion, asking a wave of discussions of your project. Our analytical department uses both mathematical and psychological approach to the development of strategies.
We have been working with Telegram for a long time and during this time have developed a unique technical arsenal of tools and marketing methods that, in combination, help to achieve maximum efficiency.
How it works?
We fall precisely on the target audience
We compose a map of your target audience and segment it in all chats of related subjects. We write a unique content plan for each segment of the target audience.

Create a wave of discussions about your project
We know what is currently being communicated in each chat and how to reduce the audience to the discussion of your project. We use a meaningful information guide and bloggers. We work on verality.
Collect the leads
We use personal messages and advertising interactive. We attract leads from social networks We distribute video and text reviews. We work on personal communications with sources of verity.

Create a community around the project
We gather the audience in the official channel and the chat of the project. We arrange interactive. We form opinions on the project. We work out objections. We give you the ready infrastructure.
What will SmartPR give you in Telegram?
About your project will be recognized by more than 3 000 000 people for 1 month of advertising campaign.
A special approach
For each chat a unique approach is developed depending on the topic and the current wave of discussions, which will give you a large number of interested leads.
Quality Traffic
The marketing campaign in Telegram hits exactly the target audience.
Effective use of the advertising budget
We will not just make a mailing and get traffic. We will interest your target audience and not let it forget about you.
You can constantly be aware of the audience's current attitude to the project. Our methods and experience will allow us to quickly respond to the trend and promptly direct it to the most efficient channel.
Increase in sales
We work for ROI, and our promotion methods are guaranteed to be able to increase sales.
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