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The combination of strategic marketing and tactical developments for your business in Telegram.

We provide the unique tech-developments, our marketing specialists experience of working with Telegram audience, tested tools of mailouts in Telegram chats and advertisements in your target audience top channels

There is a wide assortment of marketing tools and we chose the ones which really work good.

Unlike other combinations of our services, the Premium Pack will provide you not only with a promotion of your business but with fully realized organization of it`s operating in Telegram.

With Premium Pack service package, you will get the best specialists with huge experience in project promotion in Telegram. Your project will male trend of business work via Telegram, which will become a great newsbreak for reminders about you for your potential clients.

What Premium Pack includes?

A complex of technical and marketing activities aimed at the target audience of your business
Selling bot
Your faithful electronic employee
We will create a bot which sells your services on 24/7 basis
Your clients will be able to make purchases with just three clickthroughs without leaving the messenger.

Target audience
Due to deep analysis, we segment your target audience for achieving maximum results
We use personal approach for each segment of your target audience

Deep analytics
We will conduct your project deep analysis to determine all segments of your target audience and its needs.

Effective integration
We will automate the search of new clients and concentrate leads in your CRM right via Telegram bot
We increase sales without going beyond the infrastructure
Unique strategy
We will develop the promotion strategy combining content-marketing and digital tools

Reputation Management
We will manage your project or service discussions in payable audience chats.
We will form your audience`s opinion about the project.

Advertising in channels
Only live audience will see it

New clients flow
Due to retargeting and digital tools, we will help you attract cheap,target traffic in contextual and social medias.

Why to do your business via Telegram?

Today, Telegram messenger grows very rapidly. By the end of 2017, its active audience consisted of 180 millions of people. The various types of channels become more and more popular. Many of them attract tens of thousands of subscribers. The difference between Telegram and other platforms is the fact that Telegram users subscribe only to the content they are interested in and that means they will attentively follow all information

For 2 years. The number of users increased by 75 % and the growth does not stop.

Every day, thousands of new users register in Telegram.

The owner of @aboutSMM channel conducted its own research of messenger audience and has come to conclusion that 57% of the users are men and 43% are women. The main part of users consist of people aged from 18 to 34.
Such indicators imply that the audience is payable because people of such age are the most active consumers on goods and services markets.

The statistics show that there are different kinds categories of people with different interests in Telegram. It means that any business idea will find its followers

The use of selling bot will increase the speed of advertisement transformation to real sales. Moreover, the volume of repurchases also will increase.

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