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The EFFECTIVEMARKETING agency together with the MEDIAGRAM Service and the MADCRUSH development team has developed a unique solution for implementing Blockchain projects complex marketing campaigns in the most popular messenger of the crypto-currency community- Telegram.
Blockchain projects promotion in Telegram

We offer unique technological developments, the experience of our marketers in working with Telegram's audience, tested tools for sending chat messages and advertising in top channels of crypto-currency topics.

From a wide range of marketing tools, we decided on what works really well.

What is included in the ICO BOX?
Telegram bot integrated with a smart contract, which allows you to purchase tokens and receive information about your project.
The investor's cabinet in Telegram.


Interactive wave of discussions of your project in chat rooms and super-groups of crypto-currency topics, due to a unique approach to each segment of the target audience

Use of information reasons and advertising in the top channels of the crypto-currency topic, which no one will miss.
We know what kind of advertising in which channels will work.

Why Telegram?
Many people use Telegram as the main source of news and information on topics of interest. At the same time, posts in the Telegram channels, as has been observed many times, can set the trend and the big waves of discussions, and at the same time, a lot of conversion traffic.
With each passing day, the number of Telegram users interested in crypto-currencies, mining, ICO and related topics is added. Demand creates a proposal - the number of channels in Telegram is growing, notifying subscribers and participants about all important news of the world of crypto-currencies, as well as chats for discussing news and events.

The audience of channels and chat rooms of crypto-currency topics is highly interested in information about the current state of affairs in this area, since the market of crypto-currencies is a dynamic market requiring constant monitoring and high decision-making speed. This guarantees a high return on the advertising campaign conducted in Telegram.

Facebook and Instagram, which accounted for about 40% of all traffic ICO projects - have officially banned advertising ICO. Many analysts believe that this example will be followed by other major media networks.

Against the backdrop of information on the forthcoming ICO Telegram and the launch of the Telegram Open Network, the messenger is undoubtedly becoming the haven of the entire crypto-currency community

How it works?
Correctly determine the segments of the target audience
We compose a map of your target audience and segment it for all crypto currency chats.
We write a unique content plan for each segment of the target audience.
Create a wave of discussions about your project
We know what is currently being communicated in each chat and how to reduce the audience to the discussion of your project.
We use a significant info guide and a number of analytical reviews.
We work on verality.
Сoncentrate the leads in Smartobot
Let's release Smartbot!
We launch an information guide in the media.
We distribute video and text reviews of your project.
We work on personal communications with sources of verity.
Create a community around the project
We gather the audience in the official channel and the chat of the project.
We arrange interactive.
We form opinions on the project.
We work out objections.
We give you the ready infrastructure.
Smartobot is a unique solution for conducting ICO in the Telegram.
Smartobot is an AI Investor`s Assistant. By using Smartobot, an investor will be able to purchase your tokens with 3 mouse-clicks using for any crypto-currency or fiat using a payment gateway or Telegram Pay function.

Your investor will be able to learn all the necessary information about the project, track your balance and receive notifications about the status of the project from Smartobot

In SmartBot, you can create unique bounty and referral programs.
Smartobot administrating designed in the most convenient form for users.

Smartobot Demo
Smartobot is designed to provide all the necessary investor's cabinet. In combination with an effective marketing campaign, Smartobot can sell more tokens than a web-site.

Why choose SMARTOBOT?
Accurate hit by target audience
Telegram is actually the most popular messenger of the crypto-currency community with which we are able to work.
Information reason
Your project will be one of the first that conducts ICO on the Telegram platform, which is guaranteed to generate interest from the community.
Your investors will be comfortable and easy to get tokens right in the messenger. An innovative approach to token will give obvious reputational bonuses.
Telegram is an excellent platform for a marketing campaign. To lead users directly to the smartbot in the messenger is much more effective than leading to the site.
You can absolutely free of charge and without moderation to send notifications and news to users of your hardware.
Integration options
Smartobot can have a common database with your site, interact with a smart contract and oracle, operate with data from the blockbuster and work with your CRM system
Flexibility and Scalability
We will be able to develop any logic for your smartbot, depending on the goals and objectives of the project for maximum efficiency.
The developers are experienced professionals with a large background in the field of information security.
Telegram becomes a home for the entire crypto-currency community due to the information on launching TON.
The most active users now are gathering in the chat rooms and are constantly discussing certain topics with their like-minded people. Chats that Telegram classifies as supergroups are undoubtedly the driving trend of the messenger. In the recent Telegram update the limit on the number of participants in the supergroups has been increased to 100,000 people.

For sure, Supergroups have become an integral part of the crypto-currency community. There are a large number of chats devoted to the topics of mining, trading and ico. The total audience coverage in all chat rooms at the moment is more than 5 million people, and we know how to find an approach to them and make them love your project.

We use creative indirect sales methods and know how to find traffic which will bring the best conversion rate. Each your post in chat rooms we will turn into an informational occasion causing a wave of your project discussions. Our analytical department consists of the geniuses of their work, who use both mathematical and psychological approach to the strategies development.

We have been working with Telegram for a long time and during that we have developed a unique technical arsenal of tools and marketing methods which help to achieve maximum efficiency.

What will SmartPR give you in Telegram?
Your project will be recognized by more than 3 000 000 people after 1 month of advertising campaign.
Special approach
We develop a unique approach for each chat depending on the topic and the current wave of discussions. It will provide you a large number of interested leads.
Quality traffic
The marketing campaign in Telegram exactly hits the target audience.

Advertising budget effective spending

We will not just make a mailing and get traffic. We will interest your target audience and won`t let it forget about you.
You will be constantly aware of the audience's current attitude towards the project. Our methods and experience will allow us to quickly respond to the trend and promptly direct it to the most efficient channel.

Promotion plan
For 30 days of work, we together will go through the following stages
1– 3 days
1– 3 days
Analysis and planning
  • Analyzing your project and the current performance of the company's PR
  • We are looking for the target audience of your project and we categorize it
  • We compose an individual media plan for promotion and specify metrics
  • We compose a content plan
  • We disassemble the logic of a smart contract and draw up a schedule for the development of smartobot
  • Create an official chat and project channel
4 – 7 days
4 – 7 days
We implement the project in the information field of the target audience
Coverage 60000 users
ER 10%
  • Set the tone for discussions of your project in supergroups
  • We send personal messages to sources of verity
  • We write author's analytical reviews for your project
  • We place advertising on channels
  • We collect detailed analytics
  • We create a further content strategy
8 – 14 days
8 – 14 days
Newsworthy \ NewsJacking
Coverage 120000 users
ER 25%
  • Let's release Smartbot!
  • We work with an information guide with the media
  • Manage the reputation of the project in the community
  • We place advertising on top channels
  • We actively support discussions about the project in the supergroups
  • Promote the bot in directories
  • We publish and distribute informational articles about the work of the smartоbot
  • We collect detailed analytics
  • We create a further content strategy
15-20 days
15-20 days
Concentrate Leads
Coverage 200000 users
ER 30%
We start actively to maintain the official channel of the project
We start assembling an audience in a chat dedicated to the project
Interact between your project and the community
We concentrate leads in a bot and work on drugs
We collect adjacent communities around your project
We work with video reviews of smartobot
We collect detailed analytics
We create a further content strategy
21-30 days
21-30 days
We grow the audience
Coverage 250000 users
ER 35%
  • We conduct constant interactive with the audience
  • Form opinions on the project at the Target Audience
  • We work out the objections of the Target Audience
  • Working with the audience in the channel and chat of the project
  • We distribute instructions and surveys on participation in the project's tokensale
  • We work with information about the large demand for project tokens
  • We collect detailed analytics
  • We create a further content strategy
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