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Exchange of Advertising in Telegram.

Telegram grows very quickly and gradually becomes one of the most popular messengers. The main difference of Telegram is its audience and rules.

According to a recent study, people aged 18 to 34 (77% of all users) use the basic research, of which 57% have completed higher education, and as a rule it is an experienced specialist - 28%, a supervisor - 26% or a student - 22%

More than half of Telegram users regularly receive all news and information in the channels.

We have connected to the AdSpace exchange more than 1500 Russian-language and 1000 English-language channels, advertising in which really works.
We constantly monitor the activity of our exchange channels and work only with those - where there is a lively and solvent audience.
How advertising works in channels
Attraction of target and solvent audience
Segmentation of Target audience
We carefully analyze your business and segment its target audience.
Thanks to detailed analytics and technical innovations, we select only those channels in which your advertising will work.
We know how to design posts and receive feedback from the audience.
We conduct interactive polls and actions for maximum verality
Author's content
To each segment of the target audience we write unique selling texts, in order to get exactly to the target.
We make advertising interesting for your client
Due to digital tools, we define social network accounts, advertising preferences and contact details of the majority of users who are interested in your advertising in Telegram.
Additional 30% of leads in social and media networks
Why AdSpace your business?
Accurate hit by target audience
Telegram - this is the audience that is ready to make purchases
Brand recognition
Quality advertising in the right segment gives a good sarafan effect due to the specifics of the messenger and the audience
A unique approach
Unique offers for each segment of your target audience will give you regular customers
With the help of digital tools, after the advertising company in Telegram, you will be able to attract more targeted and cheaper traffic in the context-media and social networks due to retargeting and search tools of CA for related interests
You can immediately track the number of views and get feedback through interactive
Increase in sales
Due to unique offers interested in paying audience you will get a good sales funnel in Telegram
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